Nekesa Natural Radiance Hair Loft - Mission
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Are you a Natural Radiant Beauti?


Our Mission
To be a Natural Radiant Beauti! is to have the mindset of a Reigning Queen who wears her Crown naturally. She illuminates a room with her outer beauty  and is fully aware of the importance of consistently polishing her inner beauty shine through Education, Entrepreneurship, and Empowerment. She is Beautifully Driven by beauty, lifestyle and fashion. Her mantra is to look and feel naturally radiant like an 100% Natural Woman does.

 Total emphasizing on women mastering and employing their skills and talent therefore being able to create your best life knowing that the way you carry yourself says a lot about who you are. "Beautiful is what Beautiful does", also present yourself for where you want to be not where you are. 

I have been  blessed  to  have  a  clientele list of over 10,000  women, men,  and  children  that I have touched while living this hair life thus far. Whether these people we first time clients or regulars, the respect and beauty  connection  was  always  established  with little effort as if it was meant for us to meet. I believe that I am here to not only make my clients beautiful, but I am in this position to listen, inspire, and empower young ladies and women to live vibrantly through using their talents, education, and ambition to grow and reach their dreams

xo, Nekesa J. Smith