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                                                       FALL 2014
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  Natural Hair Care Bi-Weekly Classes
Now re-introducing NNR Natural Hair Classes. Take advantage of our natural hair classes and hair weaving workshops. Become certified as a Professional Natural Hair Stylist or Hair weave  Specialist. Start a new career, enhance your existing career, or just learn how to do your own hair or your daughters young tresses.

                Upcoming Class Schedule  
                    September 8, 2014    12pm-2pm
                    September 20,2014   3pm-6pm
                    October  18, 2014        3pm-6pm
                    October 26, 2014         3pm-6pm
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Meet Nekesa  

A Natural Radiant Star was born on September 6 in New Haven, Ct. According to my mother Ida M. Johnson, she knew that I was destined for fashion and beauty. As a little girl she said I would dress up, and  change outfits  and  shoes 3-4  times a day. In addition to  fashion I would  style  any  dolls  or  persons  hair. I would  decorate  my room  and  started  my  own  salon  in  our  family  basement  at   13 yrs  old.
   I  started  my cosmetology  education at  17   at  The  International  School of  Cosmetology  in  California, and  finished at The  Osborne  School  of  Cosmetology  in  Atlanta, GA  where  I  worked  with  several  celebrities, graced many  top  editorial  magazines. I  worked  on  video  shoots,  as  well as  some  movie  sets. I  then became  a Licensed  Master  Cosmetologist  in  1995, and  the  rest  has  been  Herstory.

Building a Brand For  Today's Woman

          As  a  result of  mixing of  mixing  several  products  to  create  one  result  of  providing  moisture  and  manageability  for  women  who  embrace  their  hair  texture, I  created  " NNRBC" Nekesa Natural Radiance Beauty Company in  1999.The  line  started  with  our  main seller  the  
 3-n-1  Deep  Moisturizer. The  line  has  grown  to  10 items  since  then.
   In 2010  I  was  blessed  to  open  a  second  commercial  brick  and  mortar  salon  location. The  vision  for  this  was  to  provide  a  creative  space  where women could come and embrace their natural hair texture, they   could  learn about their hair, and  where it naturally radiant. At   the  time  I  was  a   sophomore  at  Spelman  College  studying  to obtain  my  B. A. in  Comparative  Women  Studies with  a  minor  in Film  and  Visual  Culture. I  choose  to  make  this  to  move  to inspire  women  and  young  girls  to  always  be  the  best  person  they  can be by  investing  in their selves, in  more  ways  than  just  getting  your  hair  and  nails  done. I  believe  that  as  a  woman  you  must  invest  in  your outer  appearance,   but  most importantly  your inner-self.
   My  quest  to make  everyone  beautiful  expanded  from  doing  hair  behind  the  chair  to  creating  a  natural  hair  curriculum  at  Atlanta  Technical  college, creating  my  hair line NNRBC, hair  extensions line N'Luxe, becoming  the  Executive Producer of Beautifully Driven Productions  which  consist  of  "Beautifully  Driven Magazine" an online magazine and future film, developing  my  non-profit "Doing it  Her  Way" Education-Entreprenuership-Empowerment. It has  not been  a  easy  journey,  however  with  my  faith  in  God,  the love  and  support  of  my  husband, kids, and  family   the NNR  vision  has  become  a  movement. The  NNR  Philosophy is  to ENHANCE YOUR LIFE ONE STRAND, WORD,or  INNER MIRROR at a time. 
xo. Nekesa J Smith                                                                      

Come let us enhance your life one strand at a time.

 The name  " Nekesa" meaning Harvest Life in Swahili was given to me by my Father James Douglas Johnson. He  has  not  only  inspired me  to  become  a business  woman, but  he  was  also very instrumental  in  constructing and  designing  my lofty  femme  salon atmosphere NekesaNatural Radiance Hair Loft.
WE ARE LOCATED MINS FROM ATLANTA HARTSFIELD AIRPORT.Our clients fly in and within minutes are at NNR Hair Loft getting their hair pampered.
Hours of Operation -  
Tuesday - 10am-5pm  
Wednesday -Friday 10am-6pm 
Saturday 9am-4pm  
                               Nekesa Natural Radiance Hair Loft                   
                                             3829 Main Street 
                                   College Park, Georgia 30331

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